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Fishing Guides at Teal Lake

If you are new to Teal Lake, we always recommend considering hiring a Fishing Guide for a ½ or full day. They will take you out in their own boat, with their own equipment, and inform you what is biting, where is biting, and on what, and merely entertain you! All guides are experienced on Teal Lake, and each have individual knowledge on other local waters, and will willingly drive you. Our guides can also prepare a true northwoods “shore lunch” – a cookout either with fish you catch or we supply, or with hamburgers, brats, etc..

Why not increase you chances of going home with a good fishing story!

Guide rates for Summer 2021:

  • please note that all guides are private contractors so their rates may vary slightly from what is listed but they will be close to these.

NOTE: the WI government has required guides to collect SALES TAX of 5.5%. Please help the guides out and add an extra $10 for half day, and $20 for full day, so they can cover the new requirement of Sales tax. (Sales tax is not applied to Tips, please remember to add the tip separately.)

  • Full day: $450 for 2 people. 
  • Half Day: $325 for 2 people. 

Extra people in the boat above 2 people: $50 per person.

Rate covers two people, (most guides charge extra for extra people in boat $50/person), gas, tackle etc. but does not cover live bait or lost baits. If musky fishing with Suckers, most guides ask for a “SUCKER FEE” (no laughing please!), to help cover the cost, usually $10 charge per sucker.

You will be expected to pay for the guide’s lunch on a full day.

Guides are independent contractors and may be tipped, at your discretion. A common question is how much is “normal tip,” we suggest you use the same percentage used in restaurants… and if there is a good catch or even if the fish were not hungry but the guide worked hard for you… then feel free to show your appreciation.

Please keep in mind that all the equipment is their own, so if a pole is lost or broken… please offer to cover the expense. Paying your guide directly is easiest for all involved, but payment can be processed through the office if you prefer. Tipping is not included on the bill except by special arrangements with bigger groups.

If the office arranges a guide for you, there is a $10 non-refundable booking fee per guide per day.

You are welcome to book the guide directly but if you do, please inform the office so we expect him/her arriving in the driveway early a certain morning.

MEET OUR PERSONAL HAND-PICKS OF GREAT FISHING GUIDES! (we know they know Teal and have worked with them often!). There are many other guides in the area, so if you need more names, let us know.

CHUCK ROEHL has lived in Hayward Wisconsin all his life and has fished the Hayward Area Lakes since he was old enough to hold a fishing pole. He guides most of the Hayward area lakes including the Chippewa Flowage, Round Lake, Spider Lake Chain, and Sissabagama just to name a few. His favorite lake for Musky fishing is TEAL. You will learn simple and effective techniques that really work while exploring new and majestic lakes. Chuck is wonderful with kids. Call (715) 699-2045 or see more on his web site: http://www.chuckroehlsguideservice.com/

TERRY PETERSON learned this lake well when he lived on Teal and ran Musky Tail resort here for years. He developed the Predator and several other baits for musky, and now has his own bait company. He is a tremendous bass and crappie fisherman too, on this and other lakes. HE ALSO ENJOYS FISHING BASS ON “THE BIG LAKE” – LAKE SUPERIOR. He is now considered one of the best guides in the area with the most experience. Call (715) 634-7610.

JEFF EVANS  started on Teal Lake as a “Boat Boy” for Ross’ Teal Lake Lodge in the early 1990’s, where he met Terry Peterson. Jeff then was taken under Terry’s wing and shown the secrets of fishing and Teal Lake. Now guiding himself, Teal lake is near and dear to his heart. He is also licensed to guide on the Great Lakes, so if you feel like making a short drive 1 hour north to the big lake, try it for a day. Call (715) 292-1424 or see more on his web site: www.jeffevansfishing.com

DARRELL NEIBAUER is a local, which means he lives just around the corner and has been fishing Teal and the local lakes for years. He started as a young guide but now is considered one of the middle age, experienced guides… he prefers to focus on Musky fishing but also does walleye fishing till July. Call (715) 462-9845 or see more on his web site: www.bittentackle.com

BILL SHUMWAY is a name that goes hand in hand with fishing in the Hayward area. An experienced guide and with knowledge of ALL the lakes in the area, he will know where the fish are biting and how. Bill has guided out of this property for years, and loves all Teal lake has to offer. Call (715) 634-3204

DAVE BROWN has been a fishing guide for years, back when he was considered one of the “younger guides.” Now, as one of the middle age experienced guides, his reputation and skills makes him on our first call list. He is based out of Iron River, but is happy to drive down for 1/2 or full days. He is wonderful with all ages but especially the kids. He knows Teal Lake well but is also happy to take you to another lake. Call (715)-492-0905

Everyone loves the background and the history. Historical note: a young guide at Ross’ from the ’60’s, Mike Dombeck, working his way through college became your head of the U.S. Forest Service, in the ‘90’s and in a prior generation Ernie Swift who went on to found the national wildlife federation. Many guides who worked out of Ross’ in the past, now are honored at the Fishing Hall of Fame. You never know who you might meet!

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