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Communications at Teal Lake

COMMUNICATIONS: We have always felt that REALITY STOPS AT THE HIGHWAY when you vacation at Teal Lake. However, in the 21st Century, we must be realistic and there are people out there who will want to reach you.

EMERGENCY LINE OUR MAIN LINE PHONE IS 715-462-3631 This is always answered, even at bedside and overnight, and has voice mail. Please give us a warning if you are expecting calls. Many people need time away from caregiving but still must be on call. And some emergencies are not just health related: sitting on the T.V. remote control and de-programming it was an emergency I remember well! If they explain the emergency, we will come and find you at the cabin or even on the lake. We are not prying, but some emergencies are not always so imperative, such as teenage angst at 11 p.m. over the price of a specific pair of shoes – I remember that well too!

PHONES IN VACATION HOMES: There are still NO phones in our Vacation homes. In the larger homes, there are often lines in place which can be hooked up in needed circumstances. We have some guests who do order a phone/internet for a week or two but it is expensive (around $200). Ask us which cabins have the ability to be hooked up. It must be ordered a couple of weeks ahead.

CELL PHONES Cell service does not reach us reliably deep in the woods. One is usually able to text but it is hard to hold a call. We DO have a Verizon home tower set up in the guest lounge/office. This will allow those with Verizon service to use their cell phones. For other carriers, you can reliably pick up service 8-10 miles down the road toward Hayward.

PUBLIC PHONES with FREE long distance: Since we know that some need to stay “connected” (even on vacation) we offer our guests a normal home phone in the Guest Lounge/Office with FREE long distance and local calls. You can check your cell phone messages, and return calls on a land line with no “can you hear me now” moments. This way you can make the calls, then get back to vacation.

INTERNET- FREE Our Guest Lounge/ Office is set up for wireless DSL Internet, with an option for wired as well. Internet is FREE. Bring your own laptop – computer not provided.

AFRICAN JUNGLE DRUMS / SMOKE SIGNALS / MORSE CODE: These traditional communications seem to reach us promptly too, because so many people know we try to create an environment beyond reality, away from today’s over-communication. When we need to know something, they use the MAIN LINE: 715-462-3631.

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