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The Waterfront has always been the center of activity at Teal Lake.


FISHING MAP: Click on map for larger image. “An oldie but a goody”

Swimming . Fishing, Boating and Pontoon, Canoe and other watercraft, Teal Lake Rentals offers 900 feet of beautiful lake frontage, facing West into the Sunset and overlooking 6 wilderness islands. A vacation in our waterfront cabins provides unique opportunity to enjoy the beauties of one of Wisconsin’s most peaceful natural lakes, part of the QUIET LAKES with a 10mph speed limit and excellent fishing.

Teal Lake at 1049 acres, connecting to Lost Land Lake, at 1264 acres, provides over 3000 acres of excellent fishing and peaceful recreation. We are “THE QUIET LAKES”, the only 2 major lakes in the Midwest with a 10 mph legal speed limit at all times. Any size motor is allowed but must stay at 10 mph and there is no water-skiing, speedboats, or jet skies.

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More about Teal Lake: Read more about Teal Lake, the 6 Wilderness Islands, and Lost Land Lake and our 10 mph speed limit.

Teal Lake has excellent swimming all summer long. It is fed by the springs and from the Tamarack swamps (thus giving the lake its clear yet TEA color).

There is good swimming from all cabin docks. The lake bottom is sandy and rocky with spots of weeds as you get further from shore. At the docks, one can walk into water and enjoy a gradual drop off. We do not have a beach area, but each cabin has its own shoreline to enjoy perfect swimming. In August the lake does “bloom” but with none of the worries of swimmers itch. Teal Lake water temperature during summer is about 70 degrees. Some years it is warm enough to swim by Memorial day and stays warm till mid-September (dependant of course of Wisconsin weather!).

Teal Lake is renown for its excellent fishing and preserved weed beds (thanks to the 10mhp). Teal is one of the highest producing Musky lakes in northern Wisconsin with the average size coming in at 40-45 inches, but we also have Northern Pike, Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Perch, and Blue gill – there is something to catch for all ages, all skills, and all season.

Fish Species. Click to find out more detail about the Fish in Teal Lake.

Fishing Guides. Consider hiring a Fishing Guide, they know where the fish are! Click for a list of our top recommendations and their contact info.

Catch and Release Program. How did it all start? Click for the background story.


https://haywardoutfitters.com/WATERCRAFT RENTAL:

  • 16 ‘ FISHING BOATS w/ 8hp motor $60 for a Full day.
    We have for rental a Fleet of 16’ Fishing boats, metal or fiberglass, which come with 8 hp motor, oars, anchor and a 5 gallon tank of gas per day. These tiller put-puts are wonderful for easy, old fashion fishing and family outings. They are completely sufficient for these lakes with a 10 mph limit. They do not have any electronics such as depth/fish finders (see the fishing map!).
    Rental price:


    • $40 for 4 hours
    • $60 for Full day

If you are interested in a more equipped fishing boat, , Hayward Power Sports has rentals that can be brought to you at Teal Lake.

  • 2 PONTOONS for 6 or 12 people.

    Pontoon boats are very popular. We have 2 available for rental so please reserve them ahead of arrival when possible. We prefer not to rent them out for the full week to one party, just so everyone can get a chance to use them, but talk to us about your plans and we will work from there.

  • Large Pontoon: (seats 12 people) with 30 hp motor and 5 gallon of gas per day:
    2 hours: $0, 4 hours: $100, Full Day $170
  • Small Pontoon: (seats 6 people) with 20 hp motor and 5 gallon of gas per day:
    2 hours: $60, 4 hours: $80, Full Day $120
  • CANOES or ROWBOATS by hour or Full Day $5-$10.
    We have 3 canoes (2 metal, 1 fiberglass) with paddles for a slower exploration of Teal Lake. Rediscover the satisfaction of a Rowboat, our little Row Boat will provide you some good exercise, quiet exploration, and tips less when the dog comes along.
    2 hour rental = $5, Full day = $10
  • HYDROBIKES – Bikes on Pontoons TRY IT! $5 per person/2 hrs.
    They are great fun for all ages. They are ordinary bikes, with pedals but with floats instead of wheels. They are easy, but are also good exercise if you want to pedal harder and a bit faster. They are dry too – you can go in your swimsuit, or you could go with full clothes and shoes! (You MUST have a life-jacket with you, but hang it on the handle bars if you prefer). We suggest that you go against the wind first as these bikes are a bit of a sailing boat. We have 2 singles and 1 double (2 bikes on one set of 3 pontoons… with a platform for a four-legged rider).
    2 hour rental = $5 per person, Full day = $10 per person
  • KAYAKS  
    We have 2 kayaks for rent. Added to the fleet in 2021, we are excited to offer these for exploring the Teal Lake and Teal River. Less arguing about steering when you are a one man ship! 
    2 hour rental = $15, 1/2 day = $20 per person, Full day $40

    We do not have any paddle boards for rent, but they are available for rental in the area and can be brought to the property for you to use on peaceful Teal Lake. Teal Lake, with no Speed boats and the 10mph is a great spot for both of these “newer age” watercraft! Please contact Hayward Outfitters for more info.

Please NOTE wearable PFD life-jacket are required for each person in the boat, per DNR rules. We have some life-jackets you can borrow, varied in sizes. But if you have little ones, think of bringing their own that fit them perfectly and they are most comfortable with. (but if you forget, we have little ones too!).

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