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Amenities, Guest Services, and General FAQs

Hopefully you will find answers below to all those “little questions.” Please feel free to email or call us as well.  Call 1-715-462-3631 or email us at vacation@teallake.com.

No question is too little when it comes to your vacation!

Check in: after 3pm
Check out: before 10am

If arriving after 9pm, please call.


Spring/ Fall: $200 per bedroom
Summer: $300 per bedroom
Quiet Season: $200 per bedroom

Ex. 3 bedroom spring deposit = $600. Deposit is credited to the last 2 nights of stay. Deposit is forfeited if depart early.

Deposit is 75% refundable if canceled more than 21 days prior to arrival. If cancel within 21 days, deposit is Non-refundable. Transfers of deposit, or exceptions may be considered for Medical or family emergencies, but we must request written proof. Sorry to be so strict.
5% Wisconsin state sales tax plus .05% county tax. (Total 5.5%), applied to all lodging, food, and rentals. There is NO ROOM TAX charged on Teal Lake!
Check or Cash is preferred. (helps keep down costs). BUT if credit cards are accepted and if this is better for you, please feel free to use yours. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover. Sorry. we do NO accept American express.

Rates are subject to change without notice. But reservations reserved with Deposits will be honored at rates reserved.


You are welcome to tip staff or leave something for housekeeping. We do not have a service charge added to the billing so any gratuity to staff may come directly from the guest. For fairness to all, please to ask the office for an envelop and then any gratuity left in there will be shared evenly amongst all staff that assisted during your vacation.
Damage to Cabin – by human or by pet:
We understand that accidents happen and sometimes there is damage to the cabin. Sometimes we ask for compensation to fix it, sometimes it was just meant to happen! If damage is caused to the cabin, please let the office know immediately. We will be happy to work with you on whether there needs to be a repair fee or not. Also let the office if anything is broken (even if not by you). Be it as small as a light bulb, to a broken chair, so we can fix it before it causes a problem.
COMMUNICATIONS with the outside world – Phones and Internet:
Teal Lake is an escape from the craziness of the outside world, and we try to keep it at an arms length, so guest feel it is a TRUE vacation. But we realize that is not always possible in today’s age. There is FREE DSL internet and Streaming TV service in all guest homes. Cell reception depends on carrier. But one can always use WIFI calling on the free DSL internet. See our Communications link for details. See our Communications link for details.
All linens are furnished to all Vacation Homes. Beds have good quality sheets, blankets, pillows and bedcover (either Classic white cotton throws or handmade quilts made by Mrs. Ross). We also have old bedcovers for the four footed bed companions. Many guests comment on how comfortable the beds are and last summer a 10 year old boy came to the office to tell us “we had the BEDS BEDS!”


Towels are provided in the cabin, for the bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming, enough for the number of people expected and more if needed. Blue swim towels are much better for the lake, please do not use the white bath towels outside the cabin. We also provide old towels for the four footed members of the family. Fresh towels are available daily, just ask at the office. Fresh Towel service and garbage removal is provided to all guest homes on the 4th day of your stay. Housekeeping comes to the guest homes to remove wet towels from the bathrooms and replace with fresh towels. (The 4th day usually will fall on Wednesday or Sunday. Other arrangements can be made if you prefer.)
Housekeeping comes into the cabin on the 4th day and removes the trash to the outside bin, so it can be taken away at 4pm. If you remove trash to the outside bins on other days, just let the office know so we can pick it up!(cuts down on critters knocking over trash cans in the middle of the night).
Daily Housekeeping and Sheet Changes and bath amenities:
We do not provide personal amenities such as shampoo. Most of our guests prefer to not have the interruption of daily bed making, however we are happy to provide daily housekeeping (includes making of beds and cleaning bathrooms) if you prefer, for an additional fee of $24 per bedroom per day.
All kitchens are equipped with refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, regular range and oven, all dishes, flatware, pots, pans & utensils. All paper products, coffee filters, dish soap, dishwashing soap, and towels are provided. Housekeeping is not expected to do dishes.
Our fireplaces burn real wood! They are not gas, electric or remote controlled! Firewood is available for purchase on property at the office. Please do NOT bring in firewood from outside the Hayward area. The risk of tree disease is too great, and so please help keep the Northwoods Healthy (and give the locals winter work cutting wood!).
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