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More about Teal Lake and Its Waters


Teal Lake is 1049 acres,
Lost Land Lake, 1264 acres

Over 3000 acres of excellent fishing and peaceful recreation with a 10 mph speed limit at all times. Any size motor is allowed but must stay at 10 mph and there is no water-skiing, speedboats, or jet skies.

TEAL LAKE is ½ mile across and ¾ mile long, 1049 acres, with 6 wilderness islands that are state owned and open to the public. Fed by springs and tamarack swamps Teal has a clear yet auburn tint to the water, with excellent fishing and swimming all summer long. Thanks to the 10mph speed limit, the peaceful waters are enjoyed by humans and animals alike; including 3 sets of nesting loons whose call is heard all summer long, Blue Herons, Beavers, Otters, and nesting pair of Bald Eagles.

ISLANDS: Teal Lake has 6 wilderness islands that are state owned. The public is welcome to explore the islands, stop for a picnic at one of the many picnic sites, watch the nesting bald eagles soar, or fish with the blue herons in the reeds. It is not unusual to see deer or even an occasional bear on the islands’ undisturbed shoreline. The Islands provide a unique layout that allows Teal Lake to have multiple nesting loons, so the call of the loon always accompanies Teal sunsets. The islands also provide sheltered water on windy days, as does the Teal River and the channel to Lost Land Lake. A perfect and peaceful setting for all. *overnight camping is allowed on only Paradise Island and only for 1 night.

LOST LAND LAKE is the sister lake to Teal Lake, connected by a man-made channel dug by hand in the logging days and still passable by all size boats today. Lost Land is slightly larger than Teal with many good inlets and bays for fishing yet a bit windier because there are no islands. On Lost land there are neighboring businesses where you can stop for lunch and a beverage.

TEAL RIVER flows out of Teal Lake, winding 2 miles down river to a rock damn. The river provides excellent fishing, especially on windy days, but PLEASE be careful for rocks. Rental boats are asked to go no further than 1 mile down to the bridge. Ask office for advise on good fishing spots and where the rocks are. Canoeing down the river is wonderful, just remember that the trip back is UPSTREAM!

3000 ACRES of water: The two lakes combined, along with the channel and Teal River, provide over 3000 acres of amazing fishing, with a lots of space and spots so there is plenty of room for all fisherman, boaters, and wildlife to enjoy side by side.

Our 10 M.P.H.SPEED LIMIT is very important to the serenity of Teal Lake – IT IS ALSO THE LAW! Teal and our connected lake Lost Land are the only major lakes in the Midwest with this level of protection. You can talk, listen to the loons, or watch our resident bald eagles without the whine of jet skies and annoying heavy wakes. None of our rental boats can exceed this speed, so don’t worry about it. PRIVATE boats can exceed it but are REQUIRED to throttle down. Any help in enforcing this would be appreciated. Local vigilance is quite effective as most residents on these lakes bought their property here precisely because of the quietness and serenity and are as anxious as we are to justify our nickname, ‘THE QUIET LAKES’. When the speed limit is abused on Teal Lake, the phone gets busy! It is quite embarrassing for everyone concerned if it proves to be one of our guests.

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